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By the Celestial Commands of YHWH, the Àrcangels from the Highest Heaven have began to

mystically take command of Mammi Earth, to restore the Feminine illumination.

These servants bring righteousness, justice and peace; manifested from

the Spiritual Teaching of the

Order of Melchizedek.

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ALL Things Must be Restored in the Savior to come: Emmanuel Divine Love.

"When the steps you feel become the next generation, your children as you, in faith and in Love .. then you have changed the world with a kindled heart and soul."
Qt. Abbot Bain ( 2010 Montana )

Miracles come in Moments.. Be ready and willing to accept them.

 Àrcangels & Angels Spreading LOVE

Staying Close to Positiveness
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Esoteric can Find Meanings in Light
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Order of Melchizedek- Teachings for the Servants of the Holy Trinity

Àrcangels Feed the Blooming Soul,”

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2014 Spring Encyclical
Creating a Loving Spiritual Home

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2013 Fall Encyclical ~
Failure is a Great Teacher
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Teaching from the Book of Trees
Chapter 15

Verse 27) Master Ting taught intelligence was like a gift which is unwrapped slowly. Its reward teaches us the very simplicity of being patient with the Creator’s great purpose...

 Chapter 11 V 55)  Noah and Sepltra knew their two youngest sons were predestined to be the celestial refreshment of a new reborn knowledge of life’s vital substances.    

 Ting (Josaf de Wise) was the first born son of NOAH and wife Sepltra. This was after they came off the Meridian ARK Vessel. After 182 winters, (years) he traveled to the far eastern lands which is China. It is there where the Chinese people began.

Old West Postings
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Tucumcari, New Mexico- Historical Beginning

From the Rare Book:
 Liberty, the History of Eastern New Mexico

Who Are the Melchizedekian Servants?  
    Since the Old Testament inception, it has been a valuable source of constant wonder, inspiration and intrigue to scholars, professors, theological seminarians, and most intelligent religious leaders in most every field know to man. These ancient testaments were written over two thousand years ago by a "VARIETY" of different authors.  In our spiritual quest for salvation humankind can truly research many interpretations of these words, each interpretation can enrich understanding of ancient history better.
     In ancient days, some 7700 years ago, Noah and his wife Sepltra were blessed with two sons born after the flood. The second son of the new world they named Mel (Melchizedek).   Humans began the first spiritual link to a new way of thinking that would eventually take firm roots in man's souls today. These rational writing go beyond science to broaden the spiritual horizon of the mind and soul. Now a Melchizedekian Priest & Scribe has been awakened to revel hidden scripture from this ancient time. The Almighty's spiritual plague which has awaken and begun to unveil from the Highest Heaven, just as written in Genesis 13-15.
Divine Love's moments from the unseen world. Before the Universe came into existence the ARC sparked a  many mystically unveiled cosmic energies in metacognition thinking leading to the establishment of the Melchizedekian Order back to life on this Earth.

Isaiah 60,20 wrote: "For the Lord shall be thine everlasting light (ARC), an the days of thy mourning shall be ended."
    Well known Melchizedekian Missionary Brother R.H. Bain, of Withoutglory.net has become the principal facilitator of writing from the Sacred Tree of LIFE.  These sacred writings from the unseen world placed on this site establish a mystical voice of conveyance,  lofty hidden steps to organize spiritual links from the Third Royal Priesthood into coherent and understandable methods for common readers. Vital etymological links to the unseen world can be witnessed in these truths, all leading to a mystical first sacred book called the Book of Trees.   King/Priest Melchizedek was written in Genesis of the Holy Bible.
    Readers will
awaken now to new scriptures and revelations on Adam, Melchizedek, Sepltra, Josaf (Ting), Methuselah, Vinesse and many others. Real historical people to be written of because they have come into the world after the ARK. Our real ancestors that were instrumental in the re-habitation of this Earth.

We are a few loyal servants of the Mon-Dak Synod principally located in Montana.
It is our intention as Melchizedekian Missionaries to reveal from the invisible world
as the
Angels and Àrcangels would want us too.
As Trinitarian Servants we acknowledge
the Guidance of
Our Elohim, the Son Immanuel, and the Holy Ghost. AMAN

         Abbot R.H. Bain, OM TO DD                                       Colonel Bain ~ American Cowboy

Location: Northeastern Montana, USA

" Peace can pass all understanding, it is what saddles the heart."

 The cosmic winds music in the spheres is a celestial dance in a  meaningful sight of art. The senses accept the artistic natures of cosmic vibrations. Shameful are the parents and teachers in woe: as the senses touch not only feels the physical pleasures, it observes the gentleness or the hardships, the depths and the heights of its epoch.  ( Abbot Bain ~ Dec. 2010)

Spiritually.... You will discover Holy Bible Scripture:  Hebrews 6 v 1 says

"Let us go on and get past the elementary state in teaching and doctrine of Christ, advancing steadily toward completeness and perfection that belong to spiritual maturity. Let us not be laying down the foundation or repentance and abandonment of dead works, and let the faithful turn to Our Elohim."

Melchizedek Bible says: Chpt 20 v Nothing happens unless the Omnipotent Creator wills it to happen. Creator, not being male or female gender, either permits it to moments to happen, or thy bring it into reality in visible actions. 

Yes we teach of them, the angels, so mankind may know of what awaits in eternal life. 

From Mount of Olives Monk's Wisdom:
 Communication and good talk works wonders, let it flow! When you do, as you have done, the warming sun of the new day's peace, will shine forever within. ~
Archabbot Dom Augustine Baker OM TO ( 1944- 2007) ~~Patriarch of the Melchizedek Missionaries


Saint Augustine once wrote: Presumptions of our fleshly needs are not the vital gifts of mortal reasoning. They are a reality of man spiritual selves that become pulled apart, stretched, and rewoven in a new refreshment of health and healing wisdom.

  Wisdom can be found with compassionate prayer.

The Futuristic Melchizedekian Bible

Book of Trees ~ Chapter 2 the Arcangels

12) As yellow cosmic orb of vibration became YHWH’s Authoritative Spirit named Àrcangel Sandalphron, an ethos utilizing the ARC of Logos as the futuristic revealer of the oldest Spiritual Intelligence.

13)  In beginning of the Universal Heavens, a harmonious expansion required Àrcangel Metatron, the Demiurge, to created a multitude of Spirits as cosmic colors in formation.  

14) Out of the illumination of the Throne of YHWH eight Universal Spiritual Powers became Àrcangels Gabriel, Uriel, Miguel, Raphael, Raziel, Apurdiel, Beliel and Ariel.    

Chapter 10
Book of Trees

 55)  The Lord guides the wise souls to teach of atmospheric spiritual channels of flowing energy, colliding expressions of a multitude of directional winds, the master keys within the unseen world. 
56) The desires of the Son Immanuel sayeth: “The children who believeth in my Name, shall not hunger for My Word.” 
57) “My Sacred Heart will fill the needs of those who seek Me.  I will use fittingly the Àrcangels of the Sixth Mansion to restore my earthly Kingdom.” 
58) “My children who use My Holy Name, will find comfort in the Angelical mystical voices that assist Me, I will provide My listening ear to hear and direct them.”
59) “Once recognized, My soothing voice will be the proper mechanism of attachment to Me.”  
60)  “Listen carefully, I will shape your behaviour into the spiritual principals of My coming Kingdom.” 
61) Humans are the spiritual souls who co-exist here as relatives to Mammi Earth, existing in a processed Universe where no objective world can separate its subjects, or its Unending Love. 

Mammi Earth is a battlefield of energies filled with negative temptations molding humans encounters with Divine Love's denials; the soul’s actions through prayer consciously use the unseen Angelical Hosts to battle for goodness, hope, values, directions and worthy aspirations.  Aman


Is being written by few who have understood the path necessary in the fourteenth generation.

They continue to blossom in their various field of expertise, vocations and touch with the spiritual dimensions of the eternal world. It began with "an awakening of the oldest Religious Order of time".  It was kept asleep by the Creator YHWH for Divine Purpose, in order to weed what is not of the futuristic Kingdom.  My Angelical Spirit is a Scribe, an educator, and servant of the Creator YHWH, whoest come in time to assist the Saviour Immanuel in revealing what is necessary for HIS coming Kingdom.  I am not a Christ only a servant, but a warrior who has come to battle temptation and the  Àrcangel Beliar.  There cannot be a middle road anymore.  You are either with the Messiah & the Holy Trinity or you are against Thee. 

Living in an errious world, humans will find that revelations and practical applications to interpretations reviewed. The uniqueness of the ancient spiritual education found in the

Order of Melchizedek will come from the emanations of the Arcangels of the Highest Heavens.



Elohim we understand Divine Love is the foundation of the Trinitarian Order and the Messiah. The Holy Trinity expect not less, thus allowing the principals and ministering powers that meditate between the One transcendental realm of the sacred and profane dualistic world of space and time, allowing the wanting soul to touch with the ancestors.

The Holy Trinity is educating the teachers of the new, the Divine Truth which is of good. We then, in turn, are empowered to become valuable tools, earthly messengers who primary function is to praise and serve the

Almighty YHWH & do THOU WILL. Aman

Let us Pray! Our Elohim, when we sit in darkness, let us find the quiet time to reflect, re-charge and be grateful to Thee! Look kindly on our soul in darkness, where we are inspired by Christ's HOLY WORDS for Us! Amen!

 "For Only You can light your eternal match of Spirit"
qt Abbot Bain 2008
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"Paradise" Can we imagine such a place where we shall not hunger, or face death and fear?
Our Elohim deserves our respect and integrity to release the harmony and nourishment in our human bodies and souls, so trust in Thee! (Abbot Bain July 2013)

Withoutglory.net is not here to make faith for anyone! It's Spiritual Education that can be comprehended as a gift from many spiritual teachers with roots mystically coming from the Tree of LIFE.

BELIEVE in the Angels 

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